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I collaborate with a small group of trusted colleagues, working on specific projects in organisations committed to achieving results with engaged people, motivated individuals and high-performing teams.

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I work with individuals and teams to help them unlock their potential. Helping them to effectively work and engage with others to achieve successful business results.

I design game changing experiences that enable individuals to connect and converse in ways that help them to understand what is really holding back their performance and what to change.

Training is usually heavy on content but light on conversation. My sessions are heavy on experiences that can be rapidly translated into actions that make a difference.

I offer in house customized leadership programmes, external transformational training experiences, and individual coaching

With a background specialty in sales, I transform leaders and organizations to become customer centric. It all starts with conversations that count.

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Develop your leadership and team work work with a unique experince on the Waitamata Harbour. Challenge yourself, have fun and learn new skills with my Navigating Leadership programme.

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