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I collaborate with a small group of trusted colleagues, working on specific projects in organisations committed to achieving results with engaged people, motivated individuals and high-performing teams.

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Sales Training 

Winning @ Sales requires all of our sales people to be maximising opportunities with existing and prospective customers.

 To maximize sales opportunities we need to:

1. Have a clearly understood sales strategy to provide overall direction

2. Translate this strategy into a plan for our customers

3. Apply a high level of sales skills to all customer interactions

We work with our clients to develop a sales approach that is tailored for their customers and market context.


 This can include:

  • Diagnostic to understand current skills and process and development gaps
  • Facilitation of sales strategy to  provide direction for short term and longer term sales activities
  • Key Account Management program to win, grow and  protect key account opportunities
  • Refreshing and building selling, presenting and negotiation capability
  • Coaching and Mentoring for Sales leaders  to help them develop, manage and empower successful motivated sales teams
  • Individual sales coaching (project or performance based)
  • Facilitation of joint customer planning workshops


Winning @ Sales Workshops


  • The program can be tailored as an in house workshop or you can attend a public program
  • Places are limited to ensure that everyone fully participates in discussions and exercises
  • Run over 2 days two weeks apart  to allow time for skill application and learning by reflection
  • Pre and post workshop activities are included to ensure relevance and imbed learning



Tailored Sales Training: Food Service

 We wanted our field team to take a good luck at how they prospect. We put all territory staff through workshops with Sue and the feedback was extremely positive across the board. By being recorded ‘in action’ they were able to see how they come across to customers and discuss their individual areas for development. The reference material can be seen on everyone’s desks still now, months after the workshops.

 Most recently Sue facilitated a session at our conference on writing individual Territory Plans. The field team have found completing these a good challenge and it has really focussed them on what they have to do each quarter next year.

 Sue’s training has been beneficial to our team.


Melinda Baillie
National Field Sales Manager
Cerebos Gregg's Limited - Food Service



Executing the Strategy

Recently I’ve been re reading “ The Art of War for Executives”. Many people are saying they feel they are on a battlefield, faced with uncertainty, rapid change and unexpected threats. Sun Tzu’s wisdom has long been used by business leaders. I believe that particularly pertinent today are the principals of;  Show the Way, Know the Facts, Seize the Day and Pull Together.  That is we need to have strong decisive leadership, gathering of market information on which to base decisions, making decisions and working as unified cohesive teams.

 Sales people are like the soldiers out on the battle field. They have vital market knowledge and can make valuable contributions to decision making. Sadly they are often not involved or their opinions are less valued than Management.  Sales people are the life blood of our organisations, they require ongoing support to enable them to perform well and deliver results that will ensure the success and even the continued existence of our organisations. Sometime creating space for sales people to share their market knowledge can be invaluable. One way this can be achieved is through “Strategy to Action” sessions which enables sharing of facts and pulling together to agree actions.  Equally importantly just by pulling the team together and including them in decision making tends to help people feel more included. They are more likely to buy into decisions and commit to actions and change behaviours. Feedback from one of our recent sessions was that everyone had greater clarity about the actions they needed to take. Responsibility and accountability is now clear and visible. Strong leadership will ensure this momentum is continued.  

As Sun Tzu said “Only a general who is flexible and knows how to adapt his strategy to changing circumstances can command victorious troops”. Wise words, just as pertinent for today’s business leaders as when they were written 2,500 years ago.


Please feel free to contact me if you wish to explore “Strategy to Action” sessions further.