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To the man in seat 11A

Thank you for such a stimulating plane conversation. It is so refreshing to meet someone who is passionate about making a difference and is doing something about it. He is contacting politicians, fronting up to speak doing whatever and ever he can to be heard.

 So often people complain about NZ, the government, the council global problems, they, complain about their company, their boss, their team mate, their partner. Yet they feel unable to make a difference. They sit around and complain or talk about what should be done... but they do nothing about it. They feel powerless to act, the problem is too big, and they feel they will not make a difference.

The man in seat 11A is different. I saw passion he said it was desperation. Whatever label you use. He is driven to put considerable energy and effort into creating change that he believes is critically important. He has a vision that drives him. When I meet people like him, I am inspired. I see that they create energy, in themselves and others. They are that tiny grain of sand, that eventually builds to create a beautiful beach.

Our inertia or feeling of not being able to make a difference holds us prisoner. We make ourselves powerless, energy draining.

We do the same in our daily lives. We easily get caught up in the cycle of reacting to problems and feel we have little if any time to do anything else. 

There is a different approach.  Try these 3 steps each and see what a difference it makes.

  1. Identify something that is important for you to achieve: A goal that really matters to you 
  2. Each  evening set yourself 1 action  for the next day that will help you progress towards your goal: nothing huge, it can be anything so long as it is achievable to do the next day
  3. When you see unexpected opportunities to progress towards  your goal grab hem


Repeat step 2 for 10 days... and see what you notice and how you feel

Please let me know how you go. And I will update you on my 10 day challenge in 10 days time

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