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I collaborate with a small group of trusted colleagues, working on specific projects in organisations committed to achieving results with engaged people, motivated individuals and high-performing teams.

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Increase your sales by 8 %

A few weeks ago we heard that selling lotto tickets at the checkout increased sales by 8 %. There has been a range of reactions to this, depending on how you view gambling. I for one applaud who ever came up with this seemingly easy and smart way to make it easier for customers to buy.

Our own experience tells us that the easier it is for us to buy something, the more likely we are to purchase. Research confirms that the ease of the purchasing process significantly contributes to customer loyalty and repeat purchases.


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How will you achieve your Goal?

There is an amazing video of round the world yachtsman Alex Thomson performing a daring feat on board his yacht. He climbs up the 30-meter high mast of the moving vessel and dives into the ocean. He knows exactly what his goal is, but his focus is on the steps in takes for him to get there. He has a team around him to help him succeed.

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6 steps to Winning New Business

 A question I am often asked is.. "How can we win more business?" ^ key steps to winning new business are:

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How would you spend $86,400?

Imagine you are at work. A person says they are going to give you $86,400 to spend as you wish. The only catch, you have to spend all of it in the next 24 hours, and on at least 3 different items. How would you divide the money? What would you buy? How do you decide? Go on.. ..write down your list.

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Creating an Ideal Sales Portfolio

I recall landing what seemed to be the ideal sales opportunity... a client who I had successfully done business with who now wanted me to roll out a significant project

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