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I collaborate with a small group of trusted colleagues, working on specific projects in organisations committed to achieving results with engaged people, motivated individuals and high-performing teams.

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Influencing & Collaborating with Key Stakeholders


Wellington February 12/13 2019

 Leading with influence is a core leadership capability. This program is designed to help build and extend your ability to ethically collaborate with and influence people who you have no authority over. Success at work relies on working in collaboration with, and influencing a wide range of stakeholders, within and outside our organisation.  This programme can be customised and facilitated in house, or you may attend a public programme.

Who should attend?

Managers, team leaders and advisors who need to engage with and influence a range of different stakeholders to achieve outcomes

People who are leading a change initiative or work programme that requires engagement of multiple stakeholders

Core Themes




This program will enable you to directly apply a range of influencing and persuasion tools and techniques to get buy in to your initiatives and improve stakeholder engagement. As a result of this program you will have:

      Increased awareness of your communication style and how it impacts on your effectiveness

      Increased flexibility when working with different stakeholders to help develop trust based credible relationships

      Enhanced your ability to question and listen to explore and understand different stakeholder’s needs 

      Developed a stakeholder engagement plan that you can execute

      Tools to plan effective collaboration and influencing strategies to support the success of current and future initiatives

      Tools to deal with difficult behaviours and conflicting views as they arise to help keep projects on track

Feedback from past participants:

"coming to grips with how to understand others (especially those who seem on a completely different planet)"

Influencing and persuading take time, thought and preparedness    Relationships are key"

 "Used meeting planners to a distinct advantage – getting more value and clearer direction/decisions coming out of meetings and greater participation (others are now using the elements of the planner too)"

"Conscious of communicating in a more open and investigative way"

To find out more and reserve your place for February 2019  please contact Sue