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I collaborate with a small group of trusted colleagues, working on specific projects in organisations committed to achieving results with engaged people, motivated individuals and high-performing teams.

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 Leadership Development

The Leadership System™ is a unique leadership development programme, designed to increase individual and collective leadership effectiveness.  As market and competitor and shareholder expectations increase, successful organisations will be those who are able to adapt and thrive in a changing world.  This requires Leaders to be constantly developing and growing their ability to adapt and lead successful initiatives in their organisations.

In house or a public programme?

It depends...

If you want to change your culture, start with developing your leaders. An in house customised programme is with considering.

If you want to expand your thinking and gain exposure outside of your organisation and build a network across industries, then consider attending a public programme. Our next highly experiential leadership programme starts in October. Contact me for details

Many Leaders invest in the development of their people, and neglect their own development. Research shows that if you develop the leader, they increase their capacity to grow others and increase results

Sue's  approach leadership development is based the philosophy that to be effective Leaders need to have a high level of self awareness. Effective leaders are aware of how their personal views, attitudes, and values impact on their behaviours. The behaviours they model effect those they lead, and therefore create the organisational culture and impact on the organisations results. A leadership development program therefore needs to build knowledge and provide skill stretch opportunities with learning opportunities balanced with  and reflection and feedback. We may fail to achieve our potential not only because we lack the relevant skills or knowledge but also due to lack of self awareness, self believe of confidence. Participants on leadership development programs are often high achievers, who have been successful because of their institutional knowledge, area of expertise, their focus on results and action orientation. A development program should support them to capitalise on and extend their strengths.

Leaders need to get results through others, to empower, support and grow others, to coach rather than tell. Leaders shape culture both through coaching and modelling behaviours. They are needing to be a buffer for their teams. They need to be able to provide a level of stability and certainty that minimises the distractions and stress of change and allows their organisation to be productive while at the same time facing market uncertainly or change.

Leadership development activities need to be tailored meet individual needs based on assessments of that individuals strengths knowledge skills and breadth of experiences. The individuals needs to own and be responsible for their own development. Coaches, Mentors and Action Learning with peers can be used to provide challenge and support in conjunction with Leadership Development Programs.

 Leadership coaching and training can be supplemented by insights from the following 360 assessments;


Please contact me to discuss how a tailored Leadership Development approach may help support your emerging leaders.  

Leadership circle was the most valuable part of the session for me. I found the session useful and used the day to pressure test my thinking on progress I had made/not made and what potentially was holding me back.

“Sue developed a custom designed 3 day management programme to build on the skills required to operate as a manager in a matrix organisation with global spread. Her exceptional facilitation skills fully engaged the group and enabled her to share great tools and to provide deep insights. Sue maximised the opportunities for participants to practice, receive feedback and to reflect on their learning, which was hugely valued by all the participants. “       

 Alison Dorrington :Acting GM People
Tourism New Zealand | Manaakitanga Aotearoa

February 20107

“Sue is a an able facilitator who works with a group and individuals to surface thinking; then assisting them grapple with the implications and impact of those ideas and issues. She has a good sense of timing that enables a group to spend adequate time exploring in a divergent way before challenging them to move into convergent thinking and onto action. She asks insightful questions and is able to get to the nub of an issue because of the trust and effectiveness of her communication style and expertise.”

 Senior Public Sector Leader