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I collaborate with a small group of trusted colleagues, working on specific projects in organisations committed to achieving results with engaged people, motivated individuals and high-performing teams.

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  • 6 days over 5 months
  • Monthly one-on-one coaching
  • Expert guest speakers
  • Cohort limited to 12 people from non competing businesses
  • Sessions at the RNZ Yacht Squadron

Leadership as a competitive advantage

Grow capacity & capability for yourself, team & organisation.

“Effective leaders outperform ineffective Leaders every time” - Bill Adams

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Combining a globally recognized and proven leadership development system customized for New Zealand. This programme is offered by Key Performance Group under license from The Leadership Circle ®. It is customised for NZ from the work of Maxxcomm & Full Circle Group working with over 400 companies, 200 CEO's representing over 3.5 million in sales

The best way to develop is to learn something new. In Navigating Leadership you will be out on the water, sailing and racing while learning about you as a leader, your impact on  others and the results you achieve. You will develop your  leadership capacity and capability.

Most Management courses simply provide tool kits with “how to instructions". They do not address the mind set required to effectively execute. Going on a course give you a wakeup call. But after a week or so, the enthusiasm passes and you get caught up doing the same things you always did. This programme works on developing your inner capability so you increase your capacity and ability to lead your team to greater success. This takes time, so the programme is over 5 months with monthly sessions, and individual coaching to ensure real and sustainable change occurs.

Each module covers a critical leadership topic, you will explore this topic both in the training room and on the water. 


 Designed for High Performing Managers who:

  • Value self development
  • Are accountable for delivering results
  • Responsible for managing & developing people
  • Developing and executing strategy
  • Operating in competitive dynamic environments
  • Juggling the demands of customers, suppliers & operations
  • Keen to expaned their commercial knowledge and business networks

      Tangible results

    Many managers are promoted because they are good at their technical roles. This programme will grow Managers into Leaders. You will:

    • Improve your leadership abilities, to bring out the best in others and significantly increase your business results
    • Broaden awareness of successful leadership practices that you can directly apply into your business
    • Be part of a network of leaders to share and leverage each others experience and knowledge
    • Gain real insights into what leadership practices are or are not working for you
    • Put these lessons into immediate action
    • Be a more conscious deliberate leader
    • Unleash energy by developing an outcome creating approach to customer & market opportunities
    • Acquire skills to foster a collaborative cohesive team culture 
    • Compound your investment by equipping you with enhanced ability to mentor and develop others so they are more effective   





      We are now taking expressions of interest for 2017/2018. Please contact me to discuss if this programme is suitable for you and your organisation.